UPLUX MiniLux E27 light bulb

Key Value

LED bulb for growing with screwing for regular bulb house E27 – the best in Israel!
It has a 4000K light shade, the optimal shade for plant growing.
It is intended for the growing stage, sprouting, cuttings and mother plants.

The bulb has maximum penetration intensity and optimum dispersion that gives the full potential of the bulb for the benefit of the plant. Simply screw in a bulb house and turn it on.

Additional information:

  • Daylight – UPLUX E27 - Full spectrum lighting for the largest and most powerful daylight available. An independent LED cooling design for ceramic pixels allows increasing the photon density (PPF / W) inside the bulb. Most importantly, the bulb emits a warm white light, ideal for an aesthetic environment.
  • Easy to install – Works like a regular bulb with an E27 socket, without a special light bulb base. For best coverage, the bulb must be installed at a height of 45-60 cm above the plants, the average bulb coverage area is 1.2 square meters.
  • Full spectrum – For each LED chip the spectrum is evenly distributed, between 400-780 nanometers. Instead of installing multiple LED chips of different colors (white, blue, red, distant red), each LED chip has a mixture of each color that gives a whitish glow.
  • Ceramic LEDs vs. Aluminum LEDs – In comparison to different lights, ceramic spreads heat better than aluminum, which allows installing LED chips directly into the ceramic. Ceramic modules have fewer parts than standard LED light bulbs, so they conduct less heat and produce more savings.