LED lighting CooLED 200W for growing and flowering

Key Value

A strong, moisture-resistant and dust-resistant lamp body made of high-quality aluminium, the bulb barely emits heat, and the bulb is extremely efficient and effective in cooling through aluminum heaters, and without any fans.

Broad PAR ranges ensure availability of all light spectrums to the plant.
It has a strong and durable aluminium body that is dust and water resistant, and with an arm for easy installation and connection.

Additional information

Bulb type: SMD LED Full Spectrum
Power: 200W
Lm power: 24,800
Light scattering: 120 degrees
Angle of the lens: 110 degrees
Level of impenetrability to solids and liquids: IP67
Working temperature: 2-40 degrees Celsius
Wave length: 370~740 mm
Level of impenetrability to water and dust: IP65
Working time: over 50,000 hours
Voltage: 220-240VAC 50-60Hz 0.83A
Weight: 5 kg