LED light bulb 280W

Key Value

After extensive research and testing dozens of models, LED that works well with different light frequencies has arrived to Israel for the first time.

A LED light bulb is all you need for growing a plant in extremely small spaces and without heat.

It is recommended to use compact fluorescent light bulbs as well.

The model has been tested by hundreds of growers and is proven to yield excellent results.

Additional information

LED light bulb by UPLUX

Number of bulbs: 8 units, each one containing 15 bulbs. 120 bulbs in total.

LUMENS: 90 lumens per watt 

Types of bulbs in each unit:

3  different red light frequencies

2  white light frequencies 

1 blue frequency and an additional frequency 

This specification was found best in helping growing and flowering in an in-depth comparative research

Size: 496 * 283 * 85

Weight: 6.05 kg

SKU: 1070280